Are You Maximizing Your Profit On Your Flips?

Investors all over the country are leaving money on the table.  Projects go long, rehabs go over budget and sometimes the winner you thought you had ends up being a dud!  But this doesn't have to happen!

I operate my flipping business on one simple thought,
"I buy real estate to make MONEY."  Not to "maybe" or "hopefully", but "to make MONEY"!  And you should too!  In fact, our entire program is developed on this simple thought.  Why invest in real estate if you aren't positive you are going to make money on it?

If you are ready to find out how you can start maximizing your profits on each and every real estate deal you do keep reading!
Imagine, finding just the right property at the right price, renovating it quickly on a tight budget and flipping it for a tidy profit in just a few short months...

Imagine doing this with less headaches, more confidence and overall less work because of the systems you have put in place...

Imagine, making your flips and rentals more profitable and putting more money in your pockets for the things you love to do.

Hi, my name is Luke Weber, and I do not love real estate.  That's right, I do not love real estate (most people don't).  Now, don't get me wrong, although I don't love real estate, I do love what real estate allows me to do!  The freedom it provides, the ability to spend time with my family and do the things that I ACTUALLY love to do. 

You do not need to be in love with real estate investing to be successful at real estate investing.  However, you do need to know what you are doing!  Unfortunately, most real estate investors are missing pieces to their education and they end up hating real estate.  I don't hate real estate, I like it well enough, but I LOVE what it allows me to do!

Do you want to do more of the things you love to do?  Than keep reading...
Are You Tired Of...
  • Seeing other people in your market flip houses while you are stuck on the sidelines?
  • Not knowing how to correctly determine repairs?
  • Realtors and wholesalers not sending you deals?
  • Getting taken advantage of by contractors?
  • Losing money on deals that you thought were winners?
  • Not having the MONEY to purchase properties?
  • Disheartened your business isn't where you want it to be after all of your hardwork?
If you answered YES to any of the above, then keep reading.

I understand the hurdles you are facing, whether you are a new investor or have had successes already.  I've been through them and I want you to be able to learn from my experiences.  I want you to have The Missing Pieces to your real estate investing educations! 
Have you been trying to make this business work, but just can't reach the level of success you are looking for?
Perhaps you have done a few deals already or maybe you paid for other education programs, but just couldn’t make it work. 

That’s because there are MISSING PIECES to your education. There are items you don’t know, weren’t taught, haven’t experienced... that are keeping you from reaching the levels of success you desire:
  • Did you know most real estate flippers, even the most experienced, still lose money on deals?
  • Why would you buy a house where you MIGHT make money?
  • Why would you buy a house where you HOPE to make money?
  • Shouldn’t you buy houses where you KNOW you WILL make money?
This is what we teach in The Missing Pieces, it’s a complete real estate investing program built upon safety and success.
It’s the same processes and procedures that I use in my business that I have used to flip everything from manufactured homes, to single family residences and even apartment buildings. 

This program is my entire flipping business .. and since this business is always changing, when I discover something new, be it a new way to buy properties or a new form I developed, I add it into the program!

Not only do you get what I am doing right now in my flipping business, but you are going to get everything I am doing in this business moving forward!

So, What If You Don’t Know What 
Pieces You Are Missing?
Most real estate investors don’t know what they don’t know, that’s why the Missing Pieces is a complete real estate investing program. It is a ground-up program that shows you:
  • How to analyze markets to know where you should (and shouldn’t) be investing 
  • How to correctly network with other real estate entrepreneurs so that you can have an OVERFLOWING INBOX of deals to review 
  • What information you need on each deal to run your numbers and determine an actual offer price 
  • How to determine the repairs actually needed on a property without EVER setting foot in it 
  • Where to find contractors, how to deal with them and how to avoid the dreaded change orders! 
  • How to write and respond to offers on properties for maximum safety and profit!

  • And so much more!
I’m not only going to tell you what you need to do, I’m going to give you the forms and contracts I use in my real estate investing business. Everything from:
  • The exact Private Investor presentations I use to secure financing for my deals 
  • The Ultimate Deal Checklist
  • My personal Craigslist ads I use to find private investors 
  • Real estate purchase and wholesale agreements 
  • Marketing email templates 
  • Profit Calculators 
  • And whatever else I am creating right now for my business in today's markets (not outdated materials someone used 7 years ago)!
So, Who Am I & What Do I Know About Flipping Houses?
I am a former real estate appraiser turned real estate investor. I am buying and selling millions of dollars of real estate a month. I am still actively flipping properties in multiple markets across the country and I know what it takes to find new deals, secure new lenders and how to find and manage contractors.

My years of appraising gave me the knowledge I needed to create my valuation methods which has allowed me to successfully flip hundreds of houses over the last 15 years. Why buy houses if you aren’t going to make money on them?

My goal  is to create more successful real estate investors.  I have heard too many horror stories of people getting into bad deals, paying too much for sub-par education and destroying their lives.  There is no need for this! With the actionable items included within our program you will be instantly more knowledgeable and profitable with your real estate investing.  We can all win together! 

Mentoring Students For The Last 5 Years, I Understand Your Daily Challenges, Deepest Fears & Highest Aspirations
"I met Luke a couple years ago when I was beginning my investing career. I didn’t know anything about him, but within 15 minutes I realized that he was an expert in real estate. 

I now have many people who look to me for guidance in real estate, but he is the one I turn to when I don’t know the answer. He has always been more than willing to personally answer any questions.

As a result of his teachings, my business has thrived and continues to grow. I’m grateful to have met him early on in my investing career! He’s saved me from many mistakes!"
Ryan P. from Las Vegas, NV
Here is what Courtney said after joining the program and attending one of our events:

"Personally, I'm a hands on and visual learner, so going to the sites and having the book to reference really helped me better understand the business. My boyfriend on the other hand, is a numbers guy, so talking numbers at the sites, the book and PowerPoint was probably a better resource for him.

I also personally liked the fact that we did our analysis on current (real) properties. It was nice to see the actual condition of the home & neighborhood, then bring that information back to the books.
Overall, we feel very grateful that we were able to attend this event.

Luke is an awesome teacher. He's laid back & knowledgeable, which we appreciate. You can tell he enjoys teaching, and is very genuine when it comes to helping others learn and succeed.”
Courtney D. from Las Vegas, NV. 
"As a lifelong student, I've attended, spoke at, and coached at many real estate seminars and events. I've also bought and sold over 800 properties. 

After getting help from Luke last year, I was able to immediately apply his strategies to my business that seemed to have gone missing between the cracks of my previous real estate education. 

The result thus far is a business that runs much more efficiently and that has been tens of thousands of dollars more profitable over the course of less than a year. I'm very grateful to have been trained by the best and look forward to continued profitability and growth thanks to Luke's advice!"
Robert L. from Stockton, CA
You'll Be Amazed At How Quickly Your 
Real Estate Investing Profits Will Increase!
I give you a no-nonsense real world step-by-step procedure on what you need to do with our video trainings. These trainings come with the forms needed to complete the tasks as well as homework you need to do to get you closer to your desires.   This is not just the broad concepts taught in generic and general approaches, these are real world items you can do TODAY to get your investing career started now!

The Full TMP Online Video Course will show you how  to…
  • Find and connect with “real” real estate professionals
  • Present yourself as an expert in your markets
  • Analyze markets so you know when and where you should be investing, and more importantly, when to get out!
  • Analyze deals the same way I do (that has allowed me to make money on every single flip I have done over the past 7 years!)
  • Estimate your rehab without ever setting foot inside a property, you can do this business in your pajamas!
  • Find the money and more importantly how to talk to private investors and present your deals so they will fund your projects! 
  • Deal with contractors the right way, avoid change orders and get your jobs done on time and on budget.
  • Phrase your marketing materials correctly so that you will get an overflowing inbox of deals
  • Maximize your profits on your sales by giving the seller what they want without actually giving them anything out of your pocket!
  • Streamline your offer process AND your follow up process!
  • There is so much more and we are constantly adding content to the video library where you can learn new tips, tricks and tactics that we are using right now to continually secure deals!
What Exactly Is Included In The Program?
My goal is to create more real estate investors and I know that the best way to make you successful is to be there with you along your journey. Supporting you along the way. Your support system will include:

11-Module Online Video Training

The Online Video course contains over 8 hours of how-to instruction, including tasks you need to take to progress your business forward. 
This is direct communication from me to you on how to start your business, where to find deals, how to run your numbers and how to sell your flips for maximum profit. I hated purchasing programs which only provided basic information and didn’t tell me what to do! The TMP video modules not only show you the steps you need to take, but how to take them so you can create your flipping business! 

Checklists, Calculators, Cheatsheets

Successful real estate investors use forms, checklists, spreadsheets and so should you! Organization is a key factor in this business and that is why we created our own systems. Everything from the Ultimate Deal Checklist to Wholesale contracts to Net profit sheets that I use everyday in my business are included for you within the program. These are the tools to keep you safe and make you successful!

Monthly Q+A Group Calls

Ask your questions about anything that is holding you back from your success. Share your fears and learn how to conquer them. The Q+A calls are for you to continually learn and grow and be supported by other real estate investors of all levels.

Expert Interviews

I’ve been in this business a long time and I have had the privilege to meet and connect with all different professionals operating at the highest levels. Our expert interviews are with Real Estate Attorneys, General Contractors, Rental Experts, Luxury Real Estate Agents, Hard Money Lenders, Private Investors and so many more. These interviews will provide amazing insights into the expansive world of real estate investing.

Private Facebook Group Page

Your private network of other investors at all different levels. Here you will find other investors ready to help you out with your questions, problems, but also to cheer on your successes and wins! My team and I will be there as well to help you along your path. We can even provide a second set of eyes on a project you are looking at doing and let you know if it is something we would do or something we would run away from! No more excuses to be sitting on the sidelines, we are there with you!

Constant Updates

I am continually adding more Pieces into the online training and Facebook page. Learn about current deals I am doing, how I found them, where I secured the money for them, what I used to determine my rehab and so much more. This business is always changing and so must we. By being a member of TMP you will be on the leading edge of the industry.

What's The Investment?
So, what's The Missing Pieces program worth? 

It’s hard to put a value on something that can change your life, but I know for a fact there are other seminars offering just a fraction of the information we provide and are charging as much as $50,000 for it! 

That’s right. How do I know? Because I have paid for these programs in the past. 

As I began my journey I wanted to know everything, and I paid for it. I paid for online courses, weekend events and private mentors and none of them had all of the pieces.

But you can have it today at just a fraction of the cost I have paid!

I know. It’s ridiculously cheap for a product that can change your life.

So don’t wait. Join today.
All yours for just $9,997
Bonus: EXCLUSIVE TWO-Day Event In Las Vegas
If you're still on the fence, here's something to make this a no-brainer... 

  • Sign up today for The Missing Pieces and receive one (1) seat at this special members only event FOR FREE!
  • This is a small group event limited to only 20 people who will get to spend TWO full days with Luke and his team, walking active flips in Las Vegas.
  • You'll see first-hand how Luke approaches flips, how you should analyze deals and where to find them.
  • This is your perfect opportunity to fast-track your real estate investing career, and do it safely and securely.
  • Group mastermind where we take an in-depth look at your business and dissect what you need to do to achieve your goals!
  • Multiple dates are planned for 2018 - You get to pick your dates once you have enrolled, but hurry as seats are filling up fast!

  • Absolutely NO UPSELL at the event! Just a great reward for fast-action takers!
     Favian from Nevada said:
"Luke and his team shared so much knowledge from their firsthand experiences that we now feel very confident taking action in the fix and flip world on our own."
     Dan from California said:
“The education was amazing. It was exactly what I was looking for. We had a lot of GAPs in our previous education and from watching Luke on social media we were able to determine he was doing exactly what we didn't know how to. We felt the education was perfect.”
Got Questions?
Call Us At 702-646-9962 from 9 - 5PST 
  • What if I don’t have any real estate experience? Will this help me figure out how to get started? Yes, this could be the most critical decision you'll ever make. The Missing Pieces gives you the fast track to a ground up education on how to get started, what you need to do first, second, third, etc. It’s not just the missing pieces, it’s a complete program!
  • Will The Missing Pieces work for me? I’ve joined other programs and they didn’t do anything. How is this different? With the big box seminars you are typically taught outdated material in a general approach so that nobody in the group is left behind.  However, this makes it impossible to get into real details on what you as an individual should actually be doing! The Missing Pieces is built for you!  Actionable items you can take along with hands on support from Luke and his team.  We know that everyone has different goals, wants and abilities, and that is why we teach to you and your specific needs!  We even limit our live events to only 20 people so we can really get to know you and what your goals are so we can help you achieve them!
  • Will I actually get to connect with Luke and the Missing Pieces team? Yes, Luke and the whole Missing Pieces team are very responsive in the private Facebook group, and there are typically 2-3 team members on each one of the Group Coaching Calls.
  • What if I am already successful or if I have my own systems and processes? This is a great starting point – many of our participants come in with some success already in place. But the truth is that success is always a moving target! By bringing you industry insights & experts, new marketing strategies, tools and processes, we support you to stay on top of your game and a leader in your field and community.  If you only learn one thing and it saves (or makes) you $1,000 on your next flip and you repeat 10, 20, 100 times, isn't it worth it?
  • I have a full time job, how am I supposed to find the time to go through the program? The Video Modules can be taken at your own pace, mornings, nights, weekends even lunch breaks. Wherever you can fit it in and at your pace. Remember, this is not a get rich quick scheme and it is dependent on you making the time. Most real estate investors started their investing businesses while they worked a J-O-B for someone else and we understand this and built this program knowing you have other time commitments.
  • What if I don’t like the program? Do you have a refund policy? Yes. 100%. If you watch the modules, utilize the resources in the different modules, and still don’t feel like you can make your investment back from the content, we're happy to issue a refund. 
Our Guarantee
If "The Missing Pieces" doesn't show you exactly how to flip properties safely & securely, if it doesn't help you find profitable properties in your market, or if it fails to help you analyze deals and make your flips more profitable, then you will receive a full refund, no questions asked!
P.S. Give the Missing Pieces program a 30-day test drive: Watch the lessons... try it all for 30 days, and if you don't like it, you'll get a full refund. It's a test drive after all!

P.P.S. Need help? Got questions? Call us at 702-646-9962 from 9 - 5 PST or send us an email at [email protected] 
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