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Finally, A Real Estate Investing Program To Flip Houses Safely & Securely While Maximizing Profits! 
Most real estate investors don’t know what they don’t know, that’s why I created The Missing Pieces. It is a ground-up program that shows you:
  • How to develop your TRUE Real Estate Story
  • How to analyze markets to know where you should (and shouldn’t) be investing 
  • How to correctly network with other real estate professionals so you can have an OVERFLOWING INBOX of deals to review 
  • What information you need on each deal to run your numbers and determine an actual offer price 
  • How to determine the repairs needed on a property without EVER setting foot in it 
  • Where to find contractors, how to deal with them and how to avoid the dreaded change orders! 
  • The best ways to maximize profit on every real estate transaction 
Here's What You're Getting
  • 11-Module Online Video Training - Over 8 hours of how-to instruction, including tasks you need to take to progress your business forward.
  • Lifetime access to the content, including constant updates (the markets are always changing so we change too!)
  • Calculators, Checklists, Contracts, Cheatsheets - Successful real estate investors use forms, checklists, spreadsheets and so should you!   
  • Bi-Weekly Q+A Group Calls - The Q+A calls are for you to continually learn and grow and be supported by other real estate investors of all levels.
  • Expert Interviews  with Real Estate Attorneys, General Contractors, Rental Experts, Luxury Real Estate Agents, Hard Money Lenders, Private Investors and so many more.   
  • Private Facebook Group Page - Direct access to Luke and his TMP team, so you have a second set of eyes on a project you are looking at doing...
  • And so much more...
One-Time Payment  $7,997
If you put your mind to it you will achieve it!
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"Vastly More Profitable..."

After getting help from Luke last year, I was able to immediately apply his strategies to my business that seemed to have gone missing between the cracks of my previous real estate education. The result thus far is a business that runs much more efficiently and that has been tens of thousands of dollars more profitable over the course of less than a year. 

Robert L. from Stockton, CA

"Luke's My Go-To Guy..."

I met Luke a couple years ago when I was beginning my investing career. I didn’t know anything about him, but within 15 minutes I realized that he was an expert in real estate. I now have many people who look to me for guidance in real estate, but he is the one I turn to when I don’t know the answer. 

Ryan P. from Las Vegas, NV
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This is not a get rich quick scheme and this business is directly related to what you put into it. The income and/or earning examples are NOT to be considered or interpreted as normal, typical, common, or expected for an average student (this is why we tell you to be more than average and to strive for greater). There is always risk in any real estate venture and you should assume that the average person makes little to no money or could lose money as there is work and risk associated with investing in real estate. The students depicted have participated in The Missing Pieces membership program and training and took action to implement what they learned. The participants shown are not paid for their stories.